The Taking of Sao Cristal Von Forster

ISBN: 9780595138753

Published: November 28th 2000


272 pages


The Taking of Sao Cristal  by  Von Forster

The Taking of Sao Cristal by Von Forster
November 28th 2000 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 272 pages | ISBN: 9780595138753 | 6.47 Mb

The caper to end all capers! Help take over an island and share in a $100 Million dollar take—if you can survive the training!Sao Cristal is a gambling resort in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. For security it depends on location—1700 miles of open water. Leonard Hopkins thinks: WOW! All that money and no protection!

Those words translate to tension, fear and danger.Leonard says, Why not! and recruits 250 thieves, killers and prostitutes as an army. But his army needs supplies, a big jetliner for transportation, a place to live and train and lots of money. This job will bring in $100 million dollars but it will cost a fortune to pull off.Promising hundreds of thousands of dollars per man, Leonards top aides include former German terrorist Elsa, ex-whore Jenny as a spy, Leah, a naïve singer and Jim, an army officer convicted of murder.

They set up camp in Florida. Six weeks later the survivors fly to Sao Cristal and commit the biggest robbery ever.But with success comes casualties, and treachery adds danger for Leonard and the wounded Leah. After the planes instruments are unknowingly damaged in a fight at the airport, the others fly off and desert them.

Hiding in an abandoned shed, Leonard nurses Leah and waits for her to heal before he can find a way home.

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